We Train

We embrace the capacity building impact of training and education, and combine hands-on training with theory so healthcare teams understand not only the how, but also the why of each new technique.

The Pay-it-Forward Effect: Each practitioner we train shares this knowledge with up to 70 others.

We Support

We support each community where we work through our network of partners, and we identify appropriate equipment, policies and curriculum to develop local capacity and best practices.

Strong Partnerships:  We work together to determine the best solutions in each community.

We Empower

By ensuring that our partners have both the knowledge and the resources, we empower them to make decisions and develop their capacity to create sustainably healthy communities.

Long-term Solutions: In everything we do, our goal is to foster self-reliance and sustainability.

Training is the key.
We believe that sustainable impact is not just in performing one surgery. Our International Medical Educators (IMEs) partner with local healthcare professionals – surgeons, nurses, and therapists – to provide them with skills needed to deliver ongoing quality healthcare. 

Our model is based on three principles: train, support, and empower.These efforts are intertwined so that training is supported by solid partnership and sustaining support, and continues until health professionals and institutions are fully equipped to serve their communities.

Many of PFP's trainees go on to become trainers themselves. It's a multiplier effect.