Change begins when, together,

we empower local healthcare workers to

save and restore lives in their communities.

That's the power of 

teach one.  heal many.

One person at a time,

one community at a time, you can help us build a healthier future,

a hopeful world,

and a sense of

peace for all.

teach one. heal many.


The easiest way to teach one. heal many. is by making an annual gift.



Over the phone:           757-828-7886


Through the mail:        520 West 21st Street, Suite G2103

                                        Norfolk, VA 23517


Physicians for Peace accepts gifts of stock, bonds, mutual funds and direct IRA contributions. For transfer information, please call us at 757-828-7886.

Other Ways You Can Help Teach One. Heal Many. 


Planned Giving: Bequests, life insurance policies, annuities, and trusts are a fantastic way to insure Physicians for Peace in perpetuity. To document or discuss your interest, please call our development office at 757-828-7886.


Volunteers: Please follow this link for information on the current openings

Ambassadors: Physicians for Peace is looking for ambassadors who will raise awareness of our mission and promote the support of Physicians for Peace by hosting fundraisers. To discuss your ideas, please contact Emily at

For Physicians for Peace,

the ability to address the critical gap in

surgical training and education

is crucial to helping us increase access to quality healthcare in the developing world.


Unrestricted funds allow us to allocate our resources most efficiently and

where needs are greatest.


If you do wish to restrict your gift, please contact us at 757-828-7886

or email 

to find out if the specific project you wish to support is able to accept earmarked funds.

Your gift will transform lives.

Join us to make a real difference.

Today.  Tomorrow.  Together.