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Without access to basic surgical care, common, easily treatable illnesses lead to disability or death.



The majority of people living in the poorest nations of the world don't have access to trained physicians or qualified healthcare providers.

In many cases, death and disability could be avoided through basic medical procedures.

Open statement ... In Africa, one general physician supports, on average, 3,704 patients.  In Malawi, that number surges to about one physician per 50,000 people. 

Surgeons and anesthesia providers are even harder to find.


Statistics from the World Health Organization about the need for safe surgery in developing countries are sobering.

5 BILLION people lack access to safe and affordable surgical care, including anethesia.

In low-income and lower-middle income countries, as many as nine out of ten people cannot access basic surgical care.


We train and mentor healthcare workers in under-resourced communities, to expand their skillsets and  medical knowledge base. 


We meet people where their skills are, and then we help improve them.

Your gift will transform lives

Join us to make a real difference

Today.  Tomorrow.  Together.

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