A message from our CEO (Cont)


With travel plans on pause, we’ve modified some of our work to respond quickly to realities faced by our colleagues and partners, such as helping procure personal protective equipment needed to keep our partners safe and seeking out new resources for our partners responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in their local communities. 


As an organization operating with a global perspective, we are continually engaging with our partners as the situation evolves. Over the coming months, we will leverage practices and technology we’ve been refining over the past several years to provide distance learning, including online training and tele-mentoring. 


Thank you for your belief in our work.  Stay safe and stay well. 


James E. (Jamie) Morgan, CEO 

and the entire team at Physicians for Peace


Resources and Information

Get the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak from the WHO website and the CDC website.

Airway Tools and Respiratory Considerations

Infographic - Recommendations for COVID-19 Intubation - Canadiem.org Guidance - Airway management and respiratory therapy - MCCCN

Information for Healthcare Professionals

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Men: Testosterone Women: Testosterone, Estrogen, or Progesterone

SECA Body Composition Scan

Medically precise body composition analyzer gives insight into components that make up your current weight. Monthly scans keep you up to date on your progress, as well as important factors such as replacing fat with muscle mass.

Provider Consultation

If you choose to enroll in our Hormone Replacement Program, you have the opportunity to schedule one monthly follow-up appointment with a provider to discuss ongoing concerns or needs.

Advice for the Public 


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