21st Congress of the International Society for Burn Injuries

Aug. 28-Sept.1                    Guadalajara, MX

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Intro: PFP is proud to present at the upcoming ISBI conference alongside PFP trainees who have developed significant expertise in their field.

1 - Burn care training is a PFP area of focus because the need is overwhelming in underserved parts of the world. 

2 - Many PFP trainees have been chosen to present abstracts, a huge honor and accomplishment.

3 - Their achievements represent a positive step forward for global burn care, as enough teaching, learning and skills development have been put into practice that research has been able to come of it.

4 - Summary: PFP is delivering solutions to the need for burn care education worldwide. 

PFP Team Members & Trainees Presenting at ISBI Congress 2022

Leslie & Bibi 
PFP Trainees