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21st Congress of the International Society for Burn Injuries

Aug.28-Sep.1      Guadalajara, MX

Physicians for Peace is looking forward to participating in the upcoming 21st Congress of the International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI) in Guadalajara, MX from Aug 28-Sept 1. 


PFP staff—along with current and former healthcare partners in Latin America—will be teaching, learning, and showcasing multidisciplinary advancements and evidence-based recommendations in burn care research, clinical care, technology, and cost-effective interventions.   They will also present innovations PFP has developed in sustainable education and training.  


PFP’s presence at this prestigious international forum is an opportunity for our organization to develop valuable new relationships and educational partnerships—all aimed at advancing our commitment to quality burn care and sustainable surgical systems.



Sustainable Solutions in Full Effect


Leslie Long, MPH

Senior Director, Global Health Programs

G4 Alliance: Co-chair, Burns Working Group 


Leslie will participate in the Nonprofit panel, speaking about the role of Physicians for Peace in burn care training and education in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Leslie Pic.jpg

Bibiana Gama, MBA

Director, Global Health Programs

G4 Alliance: Chair of Latin America & Caribbean Working Group  

Bibiana will share results of a replicable, competency-based burn therapy course for occupational and physical therapists developed by PFP. 

Bibi Pic.jpg

The course may be appropriate for other resource-limited settings, where a lack of burn therapy experts presents barriers to training and access to quality care. 

The PFP-affiliated experts whose work was selected

for ISBI Congress 2022 are thriving examples of

our programs attaining their full potential!  


Liliana Arango Pic.jpg

Liliana Arango, Physical Therapist

San Vicente Fundación

Medellín, Colombia 

Her work is a preliminary guideline created for health professionals treating patients with facial burns. It shares information about materials available in the Latin America region and techniques that can be used to fabricate transparent face masks for burn patients. 

Luz Angela Calderon Pic.jpg

Luz Angela Calderón, Occupational Therapist  

San Vicente Fundación

Medellín, Colombia

Her presentation—a case report related to comprehensive burn scar management—was created for occupational therapists and other healthcare providers to enhance their treatments and improve outcomes for patients with facial burns.

Lis Denia Palacios Pic.jpg

Lis Denia Palacios, Physical Therapist   

Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá

Bogotá, Colombia

She will present specific physiotherapy intervention strategies used with burn patients that have led to early, optimal and effective rehabilitation and improved mobility upon their discharge.

Amparo Hidalgo Pic.jpg

Amparo Hidalgo, Physical Therapist   

Hospital Roosevelt 

Guatemala City, Guatemala 

Her presentation shows the efficacy of applying a serial plaster to hands affected by contracture—a post-burn deformity that severely limits mobility. The technique can prevent or reduce adverse conditions that would require surgery.

Cindy Dayana Paredes Pic.jpg

Cindy Dayana Paredes, Registered Nurse 

Hospital Roosevelt 

Guatemala City, Guatemala 

Her research covers the importance of proper positioning of children in the acute burn stage, to avoid or lessen complications such as ulcers and edema. This study teaches both healthcare providers and parents how to correctly position children with burns.

Otty Chin Hernandez Pic.jpg

Otty Chin Hernandez, Physical Therapist 

Hospital Roosevelt 

Guatemala City, Guatemala 

Her work teaches pressure therapy using kinesio-tape on specific areas of the face and neck, where compression garments have proven inadequate. The techniques and materials used are comfortable, non-invasive and effective. 

Claudia Valderrama Pic.jpg
Rosario Reto Pic.jpg

Claudia Valderrama, Physical Therapist & Rosario Reto, Occupational Therapist

Instituto Nacional de Salud del Niño San Borja

Lima, Peru 

Their contribution demonstrates a serial plaster casting technique that has proven successful in reducing long-term complications and reconstructive surgeries among burn patients—especially those in rural areas. 

other pfp-affiliated experts

presenting at isbi 2022

Yinna Martinez, Occupational Therapist — Hospital Simon Bolivar, Bogotá, Colombia 


Ginna Parra, Occupational Therapist — Hospital Nacional de Niños, San Jose, Costa Rica  

Care of the Burn injured Patient in Resource Restricted Environments; Beyond 48 Hours 

Dr. Linda Guerrero — Fundación del Quemado, Bogotá, Colombia. PFP educator and MAC member 

Dr. Lourdes Santiso —  Hospital Roosevelt, Guatemala City, Guatemala. PFP educator. 

Michael Serghiou, OT/R, MBA — Interim Executive Director of ISBI, PFP educator, and MAC member.

Ingrid Parry, OT/R — President of the American Burn Association; PFP educator. 

Jonathan Niszczak, OT/R — PFP educator.


Cynthia Hester, Registered Nurse — PFP educator.

Congratulations to all the healthcare professionals whose abstracts were chosen to feature at ISBI Congress 2022! 




Physicians for Peace is committed to delivering solutions to the need for quality burn care in Latin America and beyond.  

To fulfill our objective—providing the best possible care for burn patients—we embrace a multidisciplinary approach to training and education of healthcare professionals who work with burn injuries. 

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