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"If you heal someone, you help one person.

If you teach someone to heal, you help many." 

Charles E. Horton Sr., MD

Physicians for Peace Founder

A Man with a Vision to Bring Health to the World


Dr. Charles E. Horton Sr. officially incorporated Physicians for Peace in 1989. By this time, he had already gained a worldwide reputation for his genius as a plastic surgeon and his role as a medical humanitarian. Dr. Horton received his medical degree from the University of Virginia, completed his medical residency at Duke University, and became the first Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Eastern Virginia Medical School after setting up his practice in Norfolk, VA. Among many accolades, he served as Chairman of the American Board of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Horton saw the need for quality healthcare as the great unifier among nations, a requirement so powerful and yet so basic that it should transcend economic, political and cultural barriers. His founding principles – that education has an empowering, exponential effect on communities and that the attainment of health is a basic human need, regardless of race, nationality or religion – remain at the heart of our organization. 

Today, Physicians for Peace has engaged in comprehensive training programs in under-resourced communities.  Dr. Horton’s legacy lives on through the work of our dedicated international medical educators and because of supporters like you.  

teach one. heal many.

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