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We have created the first reconstructive urology fellowship in the Dominican Republic to improve outcomes in urological care.

teach one. heal many.

SURDOM1 - Ledesma

Urogenital injuries are a significant factor in trauma-induced morbidity and mortality.

Worldwide, trauma is currently the sixth leading cause of death, accounting for 10% of mortalities


One of the urogenital diseases treated through reconstructive urology surgery is urethral strictures.

​The Dominican Republic has high rates of trauma (ranks 2nd in the world in fatalities from traffic accidents) and subsequent urethral injury     

SURDOM3 - Ledesma & DeLong

Through this fellowship, we are restoring lives impacted by trauma-induced injuries in a country where there were no urologists with formal training in reconstructive surgery.

With local organizations and committed medical volunteers, we established the first accredited reconstructive urology fellowship in the Dominican Republic

Your gift will transform lives.

Join us to make a real difference.

Today.  Tomorrow.  Together.

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