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Burn Prevention Day in Latin America: Pioneering Safety with PFP

Today marks a significant event in the burn care community — the Latin American Burn Prevention Day. In honoring this day, we also honor pioneers like Dr. Fortunato Benaim,

whose relentless dedication to burn care and prevention has influenced countless lives. At PFP, we proudly carry forward this legacy, ensuring that burn injuries — which are often preventable — decrease significantly in the years to come.

Burns can happen in a split second, yet their aftermath can last a lifetime. They are not only physically painful but also emotionally and psychologically traumatic. This is why prevention is paramount.

Burn Prevention Tips from PFP's Specialists:

Hot Liquids are a Primary Hazard: Always ensure that hot drinks and soups are kept away from the edges of tables and counters. When you have children at home, consider using mugs with tight-fitting lids.

Safety in the Kitchen: Turn pot handles inwards while cooking to prevent them from being knocked over. Also, establish a ‘kid-free zone’ in the cooking area.

Electrical Safety: Replace frayed cords and never overload outlets. Keep electrical devices away from water, and always unplug them after use.

Check Water Temperature: Before baths, always test the water temperature with your elbow to ensure it's not too hot. It’s best to set your water heater’s maximum temperature to 120°F (49°C).

Be Cautious with Candles: Never leave candles unattended. Place them away from curtains, papers, or any flammable materials. If you have kids or pets, consider using flameless candles instead.

Safe Use of Fireplaces and Heaters: Always use a protective screen in front of fireplaces. When using heaters, maintain a safe distance from flammable materials, and ensure proper ventilation.

Sunburn Prevention: While less discussed, sunburn is a real concern. Use broad-spectrum sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit direct sun exposure during peak hours.

Chemical Safety: Store household chemicals out of children’s reach and in original containers to avoid confusion.

While these tips are a starting point, burn prevention is a broader educational and societal effort. PFP's burn care program has been at the forefront of this movement, actively engaging communities, sharing knowledge, and creating a safer environment for all.

On this Latin American Burn Prevention Day, let's renew our commitment to safety. Together with PFP, let's champion prevention, ensuring that our homes and communities remain burn-free. With consistent efforts and heightened awareness, we believe a burn-free future is possible. Let's make it a reality!

Further Reading and Awareness

Burn injuries, their prevention, and subsequent care remain paramount subjects of concern, both globally and in our Latin American community. For a deeper dive into the subject and the latest research, we suggest the following authoritative resources:

World Health Organization: Their fact sheet on burns offers a comprehensive view of global burn incidents and prevention strategies.

American Burn Association: A leading organization that provides valuable information on burn care, prevention, and rehabilitation.

Join the Cause with PFP

Every day, countless lives are affected by burn injuries. While treatment is vital, prevention holds the key to a safer future.

Be part of this transformative journey. Whether it's by donating, volunteering, or simply spreading awareness, your contribution makes a difference.

🔗 Check out our burn care program page for more details on our efforts.

💌 For inquiries or to lend a helping hand, contact us directly.

Together, we can make a world free from preventable burn injuries.

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