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Exponential Impact

Our impact goes beyond each patient. In training local providers, Physicians for Peace builds strength and sustainability in the full spectrum of surgical care.

That's the power of 

teach one.  heal many.

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The exponential effect of
levering resources
to build local surgical capacity
goes beyond
one training effort

After any training, participating healthcare providers return to

their communities equipped not only with new techniques

but also with knowledge and skills to share with their peers.

Our impact in 2022-2023

We Teach

More than 


healthcare providers received PFP training during the last fiscal year.

We Collaborate


hours given by 29 healthcare volunteers during the last fiscal year.

We Sustain


burn patients a year in Latin America, benefit by trained healthcare providers.


patients a year in Malawi, receive direct clinical care from PFP volunteers and scholars.

Training is supported by solid partnership and sustained support

Our volunteers and trainees become colleagues and continue their relationships until the local providers are confident in their new skills, feel empowered to enhance surgical care and are able to teach others and become trainers themselves.

Volunteer surgical educator oversees surgical team in Blantyre, Malawi

Our model is based on three principles:

Teach. Collaborate. Sustain.

Through our programs, we help local surgical care providers receive the training they need to heal patients in their own communities.

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We Teach

We embrace the capacity building impact of training and education, and combine hands-on training with theory to teach both the "how" and the "why" of each new technique.


The Pay-it-Forward Effect: Each practitioner we train shares this knowledge with up to 70 others.

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We Collaborate

We support each community where we work through our network of partners, and we identify appropriate equipment, policies and curriculum to develop local capacity and best practices.

Strong Partnerships:  

We work together to determine the best solutions in each community.

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We Sustain

By ensuring that our partners have both the knowledge and the resources, we support them to make decisions and develop their capacity to create sustainable healthy communities.

Long-term Solutions:  In everything we do, our goal is to foster self-reliance and sustainability.

We work with volunteers, collaborate with partners, and engage with donors to grow healthcare capacity and improve best practices.



Our volunteer educators are a dedicated group of subject matter experts who represent a range of surgical disciplines who believe that education empowers.

Local Partnerships 

We collaborate with organizations in the communities we work to identify gaps in training and education.

Financial Summary 2023

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