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Volunteer General Surgeon

Online - Malawi

This teaching opportunity enables the General Surgery Lecturer to “Zoom in” to regularly scheduled general surgery seminars on pre-determined topics to complement the local curriculum and engage with junior and senior faculty and trainees.  This is a combination of teaching, discussion and mentoring in which the General Surgery Lecturer and trainees can share ideas and questions in real-time, located anywhere in the world.  


Volunteer General Surgeon

In Site - Blantyre, Malawi

We are seeking a volunteer General Surgeon to serve as a visiting member of the Surgical Department and run the Surgical Training Project at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital/College of Medicine in Blantyre, Malawi. The volunteer will primarily provide hands-on surgical training and some lectures according to a general surgical curriculum. A three month commitment is required, but longer commitments are preferable.


If you are interested in becoming a PFP volunteer,

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