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  • Dr. Leslie Hoglund

Making Every Month Count

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Who shall set a limit to the influence of a human being?”

Dr. Leslie Hoglund, former PFP staff member and current monthly donor.

In November 2014, I had the fortunate experience to see the real life application of Physician for Peace’s mission on a burn care ward in a public hospital in Bogota, Colombia.

Walking the hallways and peering in rooms, seeing babies and young children wrapped in dressings as they sat in their cribs and beds. My mama’s heart broke for each of them as they underwent painful bathing, redressing, therapies, playtime and schooling.

The therapists worked on physical mobility, functionality, and the use of tools to help the patients with recovering burns to find independence, confidence, and self-esteem again. All the while, watching the profound exchange of expertise and practice at the bedside between doctors, nurses, and two PFP women medical educators. The systematic approach of teach one, heal many stimulates and generates more physical, mental, and social wellbeing and it is undeniable at all levels of influence.

Becoming a monthly donor

I choose to make a recurring monthly donation because PFP’s work resonates with my core values and beliefs to leverage education and medical expertise as the means to transform lives and communities. I am privileged to know about the effectiveness of their outcomes. Capacity-building is generational work, and PFP equips local professionals with the necessary tools to foster self-sufficiency and ownership of impact.

Being an active participant in their mission, knowing each contribution plays a small part in advancing global health equity, ensures they can sustain their programs and initiatives.

PFP will have my long-term support and I hope others will join me!


Dr. Leslie Hoglund

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