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Your Compassion and Generosity Makes Life-Restoring and Life-Saving Education Possible!

Thank you!. You make it possible to teach one. heal many.

Millions around the globe don't have access to quality surgical care. Your investment closes this gap by delivering medical education where it’s needed the most.

What You Make Happen


Burn injuries are a major health problem globally, and they can be extremely devastating. Every year, 11 million people experience severe burns. In many low and middle-income countries, there's a higher risk of burns because of open-fire cooking, unsafe work conditions, and a lack of housing safety rules.

Because there is a lack of burn care training in low and middle-income countries, your gift helps provide education and skills for burn care providers. These providers include surgeons, doctors, nurses, and physical and occupational therapists.


Two-thirds of people around the world can't get safe surgical care when they

need it. For example, in Malawi, a country with 19 million people, there are only 65 surgeons and 10 anesthesiologists for the whole population.

Our promise to assist Malawi involves:

  • Sending volunteer surgeons regularly to teach local future surgeons.

  • Training critical care nurses to care for patients after surgery.

  • Staffing and equipping a dedicated operating room for ongoing surgical

  • Providing for the training of new surgeons and anesthesiologists, ensuring a skilled healthcare team for the future.

Your gifts support essential education training!

Our Impact


Briceida, a 2 year old girl living in the amazon jungle of Peru, was severely burned when a container with gasoline exploded. 70% of Briceida’s tiny body was burned. Her family will never forget the sound of her screams.

She was immediately taken to the nearest healthcare center, but they were not equipped to address the severity of Briceida’s injuries.

Briceida was sent to the central hospital where, because of donations from people like you, the PFP team was teaching post injury burn care and rehabilitation. Our volunteer medical educator worked with the team at the children’s hospital, demonstrating techniques for Briceida’s burn rehabilitation.

Now, not only is Briceida’s outlook bright, but the team at the hospital can replicate these skills, healing the tiniest of patients for years to come.


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