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Partnership is at the heart of everything we do.

Strong, strategic partnerships play an essential role in Physicians for Peace succeeding as a change agent worldwide for communities in need.


Those partnerships include collaborating with in-country medical facilities and empowering local healthcare providers to carry out our motto: teach one. heal many.


They also include working with companies who energize their consumers and employees by supporting Physicians for Peace projects, while clarifying and demonstrating their brand values.  


A partnership with Physicians for Peace conveys your company’s conviction that no one in the world should struggle with illness, disability, or death due to lack of quality healthcare. 


Our work appeals to those passionate about: 

  • Health Equity

  • Public Health

  • Medicine/ Surgery

  • Humanitarian Aid 

  • Sustainable, Lasting Solutions for Low-Income Communities 

  • Empowering Healthcare Providers Worldwide to Heal, Teach, Research, & Innovate 

Our work supports the Sustainable Development Goals of the World Health Organization. 

Let's Talk Partnership

Physicians for Peace partners with organizations of all sizes, offering many avenues for support that align with company values. 


Together, we can enhance your brand, engage your customers and build your bottom line—all while transforming communities in need with life-saving, lasting healthcare solutions. 

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