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Thank you for your commitment to serving as an International Medical Educator (IME) with Physicians for Peace.  We look forward to the opportunity to include you in our work, helping us to train providers of surgical care to strengthen healthcare systems in the world's most fragile places. 

In order to start the process, please complete the following forms and supplementary information that are required for all new and returning Physicians for Peace IMEs.  These documents are kept in our files and no information is shared without your permission.


The two (2) forms you will have to complete here are:

  • International Medical Educator Agreement Form

  • Roster, Passport and Emergency Contact Information Form

In addition, if any of these documents have been updated or renewed in the past year, please provide them to your Program Director: 

  • Copy of current medical license

  • Copy of current CV or Resume 



Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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