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Grateful to TowneBank for Decades of Support!

When we look back on longstanding relationships over the years that have upheld our mission at Physicians for Peace, one that springs immediately to mind is TowneBank and the dynamic, committed people behind it.

Recently, TowneBank again provided crucial funding for Physicians for Peace by matching donations for Global Surgery Day (May 25) up to $10,000. "We really can't express enough our gratitude for our friends at TowneBank," says Physicians for Peace CEO Jamie Morgan. "The support they have given Physicians for Peace over the years has saved and transformed thousands of lives all over the world."

Four personnel from TowneBank and Physicians for Peace hold an oversized check for $10,000
TowneBank's Michelle Nichols, (VP/Branch Manager, Norfolk) and Brian Skinner (TowneBank President & Regional Banking Officer for VA/NC) present a $10K donation to Physicians for Peace.

The partnership between TowneBank and Physicians for Peace began when the company’s CEO, J. Morgan Davis, joined the organization's Board of Directors. As part of TowneBank’s “culture of caring,” Mr. Davis led initiatives at his regional, community-oriented bank to support our work around the world.

The bank works regularly with Physicians for Peace to back ongoing programs year-round. Its recent $10K Global Surgery Day gift will fund our Malawi surgical education program, and the gift has already begun to impact hundreds of lives in the small African nation.

TowneBank executive receiving a traditional African staff in thanks from the people of Malawi.
J. Morgan Davis, former TowneBank CEO, receives a traditional African ceremonial staff as thanks from the people of Malawi.

The bank supports Physicians for Peace not only financially, but by hosting events and initiatives designed to bring the philosophy of “teach one, heal many” to scores of compassionate people willing to get involved.

Nearly 23 years after its founding, and with offices throughout Virginia and North Carolina, TowneBank has contributed more than $90 million to Physicians for Peace and other worthwhile organizations that benefit the greater good.

TowneBank and Physicians for Peace share a common goal to provide solutions, build long-term relationships, and uplift communities. “We are dedicated to making a difference,” says TowneBank executive chairman G. Robert Aston, Jr.

Though Mr. Davis recently began his well-earned retirement, the bank’s long-term partnership with Physicians for Peace continues to thrive. “From the beginning, we made a commitment to serving others and enriching lives,” Aston says. “TowneBank is honored to continue our longstanding support of Physicians for Peace.”

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